Coaching, Training, and Advisory

We support clients through the whole process of defining and delivering desired technical and attitudinal / behavioural change.  We specialise in:
  • Upskilling staff in key technical competencies or verifying competencies
  • Supporting international hires through cultural orientation and settlement services
  • Facilitating teams and organisations in terms of company culture and multi-cultural working
Technical Training and VOCs with Futuro Skills
We have partnered with Futuro Skills, an Australian RTO and leader in training and education services to industry, individuals and communities throughout the world. 
Working together, we can develop bespoke training and talent development solutions from simple work readiness through to advanced technical training programs. All our trainers, coaches, mentors and supervisors hold Certificate IV (TAE) Training and Assessment qualifications and are experienced and competent in their disciplines.
For a detailed course catalogue or for further information, please contact
Cultural and Multi-Cultural Training
Difference is difficult. 
Particularly where we’ve been so immersed in our own perspective that we’ve stopped seeing them as subjective and have internalized them as ‘right’ or ‘true’. Those perceptions may be related to our role in society, the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways of communicating, leading or managing teams, or developing trust... the key is to build better understanding of our own perceptions / expectations, as well as those of our colleagues, so that we can we work together more effectively.
We offer a range of services that help you to achieve this and hopefully prevent the development of ‘walls’ or a ‘them’ and ‘us’ culture, and ultimately minimise the frustrations and disagreements that can lead you to lose good staff unnecessarily. 
Our training facilitates the group towards shared understanding and concrete improvements in inter-cultural working. There is very little presentation in our sessions –instead we focus on well-researched provocation, facilitated debate, and role play.
The first premise of coaching is that each of us is the expert on ourselves and our situation. Sometimes, however, we need someone who will listen deeply, create the space, and ask questions that help us to unlock our own solutions. Coaching has been proven to be an incredibly impactful competency in terms of driving attitudinal change as the change is owned by the individual, rather than imposed on them.
A study by researchers Gerald Olivero, K. Denise Bane, and Richard E. Kopelman found training programs alone increase productivity 28%, but the combination with coaching increased productivity 78%.

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