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Jan 04, 2018
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Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Government of Mongolia (GoM), signed a five-year, $285 million Compact to reduce poverty in Mongolia through economic growth. The five-year Compact entered into force on September 17, 2008 and ended on September 17, 2013. The Compact was re-scoped in 2009. At this time, the $79.7 million North-South Road Project was identified through close coordination with the Government of Mongolia and other international financial institutions in Mongolia. The project filled an important gap in the key north-south economic corridor of the country, through the construction of an important link in Mongolia’s first all-weather paved road running from its southern border with China to its northern border with Russia.

The North-South Road Project consisted of two activities: Construction of the Choir-Sainshand 176.4-kilometer road segment and Technical Assistance. The objective of the Project was more efficient transport for trade and access to services, specifically through increased traffic, decreased travel times, decreased vehicle operating costs and decreased road roughness. The scope of the evaluation for the Call Order builds off the lessons learned on transport evaluations described in MCC’s “A Cross-Portfolio Analysis of Roads Rehabilitations Financed by the Millennium Challenge Corporation in Developing Countries.”


The objective of this evaluation is to provide economic analysis and independent evaluation services in support of the Mongolia North-South Road Project. The project will perform the following activities:

1) carry out a detailed review of the availability and quality of all pertinent before-project data and verify the quality of existing pre-Compact and end of Compact data, including the ERR model and assumptions, and conduct an evaluability assessment;

2) conduct post-Compact technical engineering and political economy analysis of Mongolia’s road maintenance practices and policies, particularly with respect to roads that received MCC assistance, to assess whether previous assumptions about levels of maintenance have held and whether unexpected maintenance needs have been met;

3) analyze the post-Compact origin-destination (O-D) data to understand current road usage patterns; and

4) analyze the transportation market structure to understand whether vehicle operating cost savings may be passed on to consumers.


The Survey Specialist will bring in local expertise and ensure the day-to-day management of data collection efforts are in accordance with established evaluation materials and quality control protocol.


The Survey Specialist will provide the following specific tasks for the evaluation of the Mongolia North-South Road Project:

• Contribute to developing survey methodology report, data collection protocol, survey instrument for Manual Traffic Counts, Origin-Destination Survey, Vehicle Operating Cost Survey, and Public Transport Survey (if relevant)

• Provide operational and technical support in preparation for data collection

• Advise the Team Leader on field conditions and surveying in Mongolia

• Manage the data collection firm during data collection, oversee data collection, and monitor data collection for data integrity

• Report any issues that arise during data collection to the Team Leader and the Home Office

• Contribute to the preparation of the Draft Data Collection Report and Draft Pilot Test Summary for all data collection


Review and/or written inputs for the evaluation of the Mongolia North-South Road Project deliverables.

Base Period

· Inputs to Data Collection Firm TORs

· Inputs to Data Collection Protocol/Methodology Report

· Inputs to Draft Survey Questionnaire

· Inputs to Draft Training Manual

· Inputs to Draft Pilot Test Summaries

· Inputs to Draft Data Collection Report


The Survey Specialist will report to the Team Leader/Road Maintenance Expert

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