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Jan 25, 2021
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One of the leading and most innovative tech solution provider in Mongolia with international clients bases is looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer. As the Senior DevOps engineer, you will be responsible for building and setting up new development tools and infrastructure and assuring the smooth operation of the platforms.


· Building and setting up new development tools and infrastructure

· Understanding the needs of stakeholders and conveying this to developers

· Working on ways to automate and improve development and release processes

· Testing and examining code written by others and analyzing results

· Ensuring that systems are safe and secure against cyber security threats

· Identifying technical problems and developing software updates and ‘fixes’

· Working with software developers and software engineers to ensure that development follows established processes and works as intended

· Planning out projects and being involved in project management decisions.


· Excellent communication skills

· Software development capabilities and experience

· Strong problem-solving skills

· Good attention to detail

· Excellent organizational and time management skills, and the ability to work on multiple projects at the same time

· Proficiency with tools for community management (e.g. Slack, Discourse, Gitter, Twitter, Github)

· Awareness of DevOps and Agile principles

· A history of collaboration with a diverse, international community of developers more than 6 years

· Being active in other communities and platforms to help foster collaboration and relationships with other communities and organizations.

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