MTN in the community

Our company mission is to help people reach their potential through information, options, and opportunities. Since we were created in 2011, we have been working with our community to achieve this.

1. Career Advice

We dedicate a great deal of time and resource to the provision of impartial career advice.

Not only do we deliver this to all of our direct candidates, we’ve also invested a great deal of time and resource into the development of career advice documents (available in print or online) that will help a wider audience of young professionals / graduates to understand what careers are available, what working in that sector entails, and what kinds of working conditions they could expect.

We want to ensure that job seekers will make more informed choices and be better able to build bright careers in a field that they are passionate about.

2. CV and Interview Training

Based on our experience we believe that lack of interview and CV writing skills is preventing great candidates from accessing the right job opportunities.

Our experience both in Mongolia and overseas, has enabled us to develop tailored CV and Interview training to help overcome this barrier and ensure that great candidates have a better chance of getting the jobs they deserve.

We have delivered training to a wide audience including a number of Mongolian universities and associations and, in partnership with MASA (Mongolian Association of State Alumni) and the US Embassy, to a disabled organization aimed at helping this bright group to bring their talent and skills to the Mongolian job market.

3. Other

Mongolia Talent Network work with Mongolians overseas to provide information and introduce opportunities that will help them repatriate. 

Our company also supported AISECS’s LEAD programme in Mongolia. The AIESEC LEAD Programme provided students with a practical approach to leadership development and opportunities for their ideas to be heard and for them to make a positive contribution to their society.

And, as part of our drive to improve transparency in the job market, we partnered with MNCCI and BCM to launch the first ever Employer of the Year survey. This initiative will give us an opportunity to recognise some of the companies that are making significant investments into their people so job seekers will be in a position to make more informed career choices. 

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