Executive Presence 101

Every successful person knows how important a network is. It is a web of people in your industry; a web so important for you to explore and journey on to the top position that you want to have. A solid network spells a solid executive presence. But what is executive presence? And why do you need it? It is being able to project confidence and trustworthiness, characteristics that attract the most zealous young ones and the most experienced professionals. If you act like an unconfident employee, how will you be entrusted with a position that will require you to lead people?

As an executive, you represent the company significantly. You need to develop a presence that is certain, asserting and strong. Do you have the executive presence that will propel you to success? Here are some pointers.

  • Look presentable every, single, day. You do not have to wear the most posh outfits every day, but you should at least look sharp. Every time you face the mirror on your way out of the house, ask yourself “Will I be able to confidently face a boardroom full of bosses in this outfit?” Invest in better wardrobe
  • Communicate clearly. Always get to the point, always be direct. You should sound assertive, and speak with ideas worth considering. It’s okay to joke though; that even adds to your overall package. But make sure that you balance it out with worthwhile contributions. More importantly, an executive is a leader who knows how to listen. Practice your listening skills too
  • Pay attention on the important things. Here’s a secret: Successful people spend their time wisely. If you gossip, you waste minutes that could be spent building people up instead of bringing them down. Come to the office with clear goals, and leave your work finished. If you fail to do that, what kind of presence will you project? When people see you, they should be encouraged to work.
  • Learn to work under tremendous amount of pressure. Develop the ability to be in control when you are under enormous stress. Executives are the team leaders everybody look up to, and those who are able to handle problems and issues well register as the best and trustworthy ones. On the other hand, failure to handle problems well can affect your career. It can make or break you, so learn how to conduct yourself during worst moments.
  • Be decisive. Executives make the decisions, and your decisiveness will depend a lot on your ability to think critically and to weigh factors properly, within the least amount of time.
  • Be a visionary. Without a vision, where will you take your team? It makes perfect sense to have a vision for your career, and to have a vision for your team. That will help you map out a plan that will ensure all your efforts are worth it. Every employee knows that a leader who knows how to steer the figurative ship is the one to trust and work hard with.

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