How Executives use Headhunters to get Ahead

Executive jobs are usually unadvertised, but are given to headhunters to fill in. Because the requirements are stringent and the number of applicants potentially high, it can be inefficient for a company to put up an ad and evaluate a large number of applications.

In other words, for some of the best roles in the market you need to be seen by headhunters. They know which positions are open and can help you to position yourself. Mongolia Talent Network is the leading headhunting and recruitment company in Mongolia, so as a starting point, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and make sure that we know about your skills and experience. That way we can contact you whenever there are suitable opportunities so that they are on your radar.

Here are some pieces of advice to make sure that you are always under the radar of our headhunters.

  • Build relationships with our team headhunters. Help them to understand your strengths and the kind of career that you would like to build. You might not be given a job today, but these headhunters can keep you in mind as they hear about new positions that may help you achieve your career goals.
  • Refer headhunters to your contacts. Lend a helping hand to the headhunters that you are able to build relationships with by referring them to colleagues and contacts that you can personally vouch for. This helps you create a mutually beneficial relationship with headhunters.
  • Build a name as a top professional in your chosen field. Volunteer on committees, attend events, volunteer as a speaker, publish articles etc. And keep your headhunters informed, build a dialogue. A great headhunter who really understands you might place you many times in your career.
  • Know that it is a constant game. You might be sitting comfortably in your desk inside a corner office right now, but you never know when opportunities will appear that your headhunter can inform you of. Stay in touch, in demand and relevant in your industry.

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