Which Job Offer to Choose?

Job seekers often experience this ironic and funny situation – they send out applications and brave countless interviews, and after a long time receive not one, but two great job offers. What to do, what to do?

Here are some tips on managing the decision making process intelligently.

  • Treat all offers with the respect they deserve. If you think that you have both companies at the palm of your hand the likelihood is that you’re utterly wrong. You will be more appreciated if you treat the situation in a fair manner. You should negotiate as professionally as possible.
  • Act as soon as possible. Don’t leave companies hanging with their offer, lest you want to lose them both. Communicate with both as soon as possible and give them a specific date for your answer. This way, you give a deadline to yourself and you don’t send out the wrong message to the companies.
  • Let both companies know that you have another offer. This will help you in the negotiation process. Naturally, one company will try to match what the other company is offering you. Be honest about your preferences – which one you would like to join and why.
  • Give them a sense of urgency. If one company already has an offer and is expecting your answer soon, let the other one know of the situation and ask them if they can give them their offer soon as well. If they cannot hasten the process, then at least you can tell them that they’re giving you no choice but to just accept the offer from the first company.
  • Don’t withdraw your acceptance of any offer just because the other company matched it. This may burn your bridges with the company that you let down and is why it is important that you first wait for both companies’ offers before you decide. Compare their packages along with other factors such as job description, team dynamics and company reputation. Based on these, you can decide well.
  • Decline the other offer properly. Don’t just disappear and never communicate with them. Remember that they also exerted a great amount of effort in creating an offer for you. Be professionally brave in talking with them and helping them to understand your choice.

Having two great offers is probably the best problem one executive can ever encounter. Make sure that you don’t blow the opportunity to earn the respect of both companies by negotiating properly and communicating with utmost respect and professionalism.

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