Executive Leadership Styles №2: Transformational Leadership

Leaders using the transformational leadership style inspire people through their clear vision. Additionally, they tend to excel in effective communication and focus on instilling purpose in employees and customers alike. Through the words they speak and the example they set; they motivate their team toward being changemakers. Most of all, they are purpose-driven individuals who believe in maximizing positive outcomes in others’ lives. Because they understand they cannot achieve their mission without their employees, they are also experts at developing excellent team cultures with high levels of job satisfaction. 

Because of these factors, spiritual leaders such as pastors Steven Furtick, Craig Groeschel, and Andy Stanley serve as great examples. Additionally, co-founders of Ancient Nutrition, Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin serve as transformational leaders who help customers and employees make positive shifts in their lives. 

The Examples of a Transformational Leaders: 

Executive Leadership Styles
Nelson Mandela, the former President of South Africa
Executive Leadership Styles
Malala Yousafzai, founder of the Malala Fund
Executive Leadership Styles
Reed Hastings, Co-founder and CEO of Netflix

5 Attributes of a Transformational Leaders: 

  • Speaks with conviction and charisma 
  • Describe overarching vision when communicating 
  • Delivers purpose-driven objectives targeting the company’s mission 
  • Creates an atmosphere of creativity and innovation at work 
  • Implements a strong set of organizational values 

Potential Weaknesses of a Transformational Leaders:

While this type of person inspires organizational change by communicating big-picture ideas, they are typically less skilled with details and processes. Because of this, they often need logistical minds on the team who can carry out the planning and implementation of company objectives. 

Additionally, some of the challenges of this style of leadership are personality-based. With generally high levels of extroversion, charisma, and influence, this type of person can potentially lead through unintentional manipulation. These types of leaders can benefit from having an accountability partner or mentor to offer insightful, balanced perspectives. 

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